Saturday, October 22, 2011

Perfectly Perched Squirrel

One Summer day, I came home to find one of Kip's squirrels perfectly perched on the doorway of my apartment terrace.  I don't know how he managed to set down that squirrel on all fours with its bushy tail up in the air, but I took a picture of it before he decided to pick it up again.

The squirrel belongs to a toy set that Kip has really enjoyed over the past couple months.  You can find it on Amazon but I would suggest checking at your local petstores or Petsmart/Petco first.  I found this one for Kip at my local Petsmart for a marked down price.  Before you decide which is cheaper, take shipping costs into consideration too! 

For Kip, it was not hard for him to get the squirrels out of the tree trunk at all.  In his excitement he grabbed the tree and shook it really hard and a squirrel flung out from the force. 

Over the 2 or 3 months that Kip has had this toy, he has killed each squirrel's squeakers and ripped one side of the little branch stub (the toy does have stuffing inside).  Fortunately, the rest of the tree trunk hasn't lost it's shape.  I'm just not sure if it's a good idea to try to sew it back up by hand.  I don't want to have Kip rip open my seam and swallow any string by accident.  In any case, Kip still enjoys sticking his head inside the tree trunk to sniff out and treats and squirrels.  I would recommend letting your puppy/dog enjoy this toy under supervision.


I would strongly recommend pulling out the whiskers and cutting off the fuzz on the squirrel's head.  I discovered that Kip had quickly started pulling them out.  Not willing to take any chances with my puppy swallowing fuzz or thread, I pulled them out myself before letting him play with them any further.


  1. Kip,

    u look like me! found u on the hop! i too have a squirrel friend! Does yours squeak?

  2. Hello Kip! You and your squirrel friends are adorable! Looking forward to more posts. : )

  3. @Scrappy - My squirrel friends can't squeak anymore:( I must have played too rough!

    @Furfilled - Thanks! "fur"filled is such a cute Id:)