Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adorable Things My Puppy Does

This is Kip.  He is an Australian Terrier that loves to play.  I must admit, getting Kip was not the most rational decision I've made.  But before I get to the devil side of Kip, let me tell you about what he does to melt your heart.

Bed Time for Kim and Kip

             When it's time for bed and I'm laying under the covers, Kip will climb up on my bed and curl up next to me.  These days when the nights are getting cold and two blankets arn't enough to keep me warm, Kip is the perfect soft and fuzzy heat radiator.  All I have to do is put him on my spot, wait a couple minutes, edge him over a little, then rinse and repeat.  Voilà!  I have a warm bed and a warm teddy bear to sleep with.  

Welcome Home Kim!

              After four years of living in the dorms, getting an apartment can feel like heaven.  But it can also be pretty lonely when you've had a hard day at work and you come home to a dark, cold, empty apartment.  But now that I live with Kip, I always have someone greeting me with so much enthusiasm at the door.  Sometimes I think he misses me more than my own mom. When I used to get home in high-school, she would merely ask "you're home?" without even bothering to looking up. But when I come to Kip, he's jumping up and down for joy.

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